Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bitchin' Bathingsuit

I bought it because it was a mandatory item to bring to the eating disorder treatment center in Utah. I tried to plan last winter just how much weight to lose so I would look good in the dreaded bathing suit.
Spring came and I became nervous. The heat has recently become worthy of being called summer-like. I knew the day was coming sooner if not later. A day at the water park with the family. And today was that day.

Granted, it's nothing fancy. It just looks like a black halter top with short shorts. Just so it covers my blub and holds the girls in orders, ya know? Well, hot damn, mission accomplished. And you know what didn't happen?

People didn't stare at me. They didn't point and laugh. They didn't whisper. The world didn't stop. I didn't try to cover myself. And the time with my family wasn't trashed because I wore a bathing suit.

None of my nightmarish thoughts ever came to light. It was just fine. That being said, I won't say I didn't compare myself to others. I did. But I actually felt a bit of confidence. Floating along in tubes, I told Jason I felt like a vienna sausage.
Like sardines?
No, a vienna sausage. They're fancier.
You're full of bologna.

It was a good day, and I beat the stupid bathing suit fear.

Thank you for reading! 


Meagan said...

i love this. yay!!!!!! im sooo jealous of you...i wanna go to the water park

Stacie said...

WAHOO!! Good for you!! Keep on pushing forward, you are awesome, thanks for being such an inspiration, and for sharing your journey....

CommCounselor said...

I'm glad you were able to have fun with your family & focus on what really matters :-)

Be Coolio