Tuesday, June 14, 2011

This blog's purpose.

Something is going to burst from these pages. It's going to be really important. It's already being formulated. Part of it has been composed. My blog is already beginning to serve its purpose. And because people actually read it (thank you, thank you) my purpose continues to come in to focus.
There is a feeling that stirs deep inside me. It's a solid knowledge of something yet to come. Things will change, all the times people believed in me will come full circle and my writing will come into fruition.

I will finally believe what so many others have believed already.
"You can do this."
I will do this.
There's no other way.

It may come in segments, it may come in scraps of nonsense, but what needs to be said about eating disorders and how ridiculously hard recovery is will be said. Full examples given. My honest truth.

But, let it be known, I write for others. In reiteration, there is a purpose, and it starts like this:
"In treatment, my eating disorder didn't exist."

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