Friday, July 15, 2011

Dietetic Diaries

My second meeting with my dietitian, Rhonda, was yesterday. She's the only one in my area that specializes in eating disorders, so I thought it best that I hook up with her. After our first meeting I could tell a significant difference between one who specializes and one who does not.
When I left the second meeting yesterday, I was ready to run away forever!

All she did was mention being welcome to eat in her office. I'm thinking to myself no, no, no. She then explained how she has a client that she eats with pretty much on a regular basis. Here's where the thoughts in my head crashed together:

Wow, that's really neat you do that with your client!
Heck no, I could NEVER do that!

So that's all I thought of when I left yesterday. I've had a lot of appointments this week, and couple that with being exhausted.............I wanted to cry.

However...the way things are presented to me in Rho
nda's office makes total sense. The options and choices that are given to me there free me up and allow me to feel like recovery is entirely possible.

Eating disorders are hugely about some other aspect of one's life. Food is merely a numbing out tool....for me anyway. But it still blows my mind how critical the food part in recovery is. It's become one of the hardest areas for me to work on.

And, sadly, that's the hardest part for many.

Thanks for reading. :)

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