Friday, August 12, 2011

Hitching Up the Big Girl Panties

So I decided to hitch up my big girl panties and tell my dietitian, Rhonda, that I will eat with her. When she first mentioned even just having a snack in her office, I was just ..."NO WAY!" I have serious issues eating outside of my immediate family. Even some of my closest friends.

Just in the last year, I have been ridiculed and totally made fun of for some of the habits I have with my food. It's extremely hurtful and certainly doesn't encourage anyone to want to eat on a social level, you know? I never know who is watching me, what they're thinking or if I may totally mess up in one way or another. Some things just really, really bother me.

I trust Rhonda. There's no pressure - all in my own time. Just in her office. Chat and eat. This will be the second time I have shared a meal with one of my providers. I'm kinda nervous, kinda excited, kinda wondering what I was thinking.
It'll go fine, I'm sure.

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