Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dispelled Rumor

Because of the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) there has been a lot of rumor about where I've been the last couple weeks. It was per my request that my privacy be upheld with my employer, and they honored that. That being said, somehow the rumor got started that I was having surgery. Let me squash that right now.
I told people I was going to Utah for treatment. I never said I was having surgery, and I never did. I was in intensive inpatient therapy for my eating disorder. Now, you must understand that verbally I have a lot of trouble talking about it, but I'll blog and write about it no problem. If I don't write about it, I'll be sketchy about it otherwise unless you're part of my treatment team or a dearly trusted friend.
I am back so soon because the insurance denied payment for my stay. After appeals by the physicians in Utah, my insurance at least agreed to pay for the days I was there. I had to come home during a critical time and am having a difficult time with it, to be honest.
So, no, no surgeries. Although, I am curious as to what kind of surgery I apparently did have!

Go ahead and ask me if you will. Just don't assume. That's all I ask.
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