Friday, May 6, 2011

Separation Anxiety

Full of s***.
Oh, please!
I don't believe you.
That's just a cop out.
Those lines have actually been said to me during the last two years.

What's going on? What else?
I won't give up on you.
You can do this, look at what you've already done!
You are going to get angry.
How do you feel about intensive inpatient?

I have been called out on numerous occasions by my treatment team. I have been so mad at them. Sometimes they've brought me to tears. I'm sure I have been one of the most difficult patients/clients thus far. And now I will be departing soon for Utah - intensive inpatient therapy. And you know what?

I don't want to leave my team! No matter how hard and difficult I have made things (yes, me), I am finally, FINALLY doing it. I am starting to recover. It's taken 2 years, 3 doctors and 1 registered dietitian to help get me on the right path. I fear I don't have the energy to build anymore relationships in Utah with other providers. I don't want another therapist. I don't trust other doctors. I don't KNOW anyone.
Yeppers, it's a bad case of separation anxiety.

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CommCounselor said...

You will undoubtedly adjust to the next phase in your journey and become even stronger for it!

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